Easy to use app design & adaptable switches for use across all disabilities


Safe environment for those with disabilities to find friendship & romance


Unlimited in-app video chat & video uploads for ease of communication

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Custom security settings for a safe environment and tailored
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The Bleu Advantage

Meet New People

Meet friends, business connections, romance & more all on the Bleu app. View other members’ profiles to find out more about them and start conversations in a safe environment.

Video Capabilities

With unlimited in-app video chatting and video posts, Bleu makes it easy to communicate, regardless of disability. Talk face-to-face with the people you make connections with without having to leave the app!

Communication For All Disabilities

Whether you’re communicating through video, voice, text or through our adaptable switches, Bleu makes finding new connections easy and accessible for all types of disabilities.

Safe & Secure Envrionment

Bleu takes your safety seriously and goes the extra mile to give the user highly customizable security settings. On the app, users have the ability to block other members, set controls on public information and much more.

Behind The App

Angela Rinaldi is the co-founder and CEO of Bleu.  She has been a Special Education Teacher for 25 years and an Assistive Technology Specialist for almost 25 years.  Angela has worked with individuals of all abilities and has found that it is her passion in life.  She designed Bleu to give individuals with disabilities the opportunity to reach and meet others and establish friendships, or more, on a no-judgement platform where individuals can feel safe and at ease about their abilities.
In her spare time, Angela enjoys spending time with her two children and working tirelessly to improve the Bleu user experience.

Deborah Faucher is an experienced hairdresser of 46 years, and a salon owner and manager of 32 years. Driven by her love for people, creativity and nature, she takes pride in providing

the best app experience possible. As a business manager, her goals are to build and increase a client base, and to build up, train and provide tools for employee excellence. In addition to her primary job functions, Deborah is proficient in Lotus Suite Software for financial planning, to strategize for the best outcome.

Over the years, Deborah has had to adjust to evolving technology to promote her business. Cosmetology has continued to grow with the increase of social media and new products on the market. Deborah utilizes many social networks to platform her growing business (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, etc.). Deborah also utilizes Groupon, Yelp and other sources to help promote her business.

Deborah prides herself in attending seminars and trainings to provide the best service to her clientele. She recognizes that in order to be a great teacher, you must master the art of learning.

I am honored to be the spokesperson for Social Bleu. As a differently abled model and influencer I focus on creating a safe space for equality to flourish. We all deserve to be treated as equals and the app of Social Bleu embodies that.

Before my disability I danced for productions at the Hobby Center. Directed by Shawn Welling of AXI. 2 titles Monsterz and Phantom of the Opera. It was a great experience but once my immune system developed Myasthenia Gravis I had to use a wheelchair. Sometime after adjusting to that I realized I could utilize my other skills to make a difference.

I am also well versed in social media marketing and fundraising. Taking that experience I have used those skills to organize events and fundraisers for all in need of help. Such as women and their children that have survived domestic violence, lgbtq, starving children, and animal rights for I am also vegan. Every time I model for a cause I am reminded just how amazing life is.


Sinical Magazine

Houston Chronicle

Houston Chronicle

Bio everybodywikiêver

Dance before I developed Myasthenia Gravis:

Monsterz and Phantom of the Opera at the Hobby Center

Burn it up Janet Jackson tribute challenge

Brittany joined the Bleu team earlier this year and assists in Project Management, Web Development and design. She has a background and training in graphic design and enjoys assisting Bleu in brand development.

In her spare time, Brittany enjoys traveling, trying new restaurants and spending time with friends.

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Our Skills

Bleu was developed by a team of industry experts. The app was designed to give individuals with disabilities the opportunity to reach out and meet others, as well as establish friendships or more.  It is a no-judgement platform where individuals can feel safe and at ease about their abilities. With over 26 combined years in the Special Education space, Bleu is the go-to app where disabilities become possibilities.

Special Education Expertise
User Friendly App Design
Marketing & Advertising
Social Networking